Cynthia Bjorn

Cynthia was born in Bellingham Washington and as a young child, her family moved to the Midwest. Cynthia received a BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute with a focus on painting and design. Cynthia used her design skills and had a flourishing career. After many years in a creative, corporate world, Cynthia was able to redirect her life path back to painting. Painting in her studio has given Cynthia the language to communicate, through her work, on a deeper level and the ability to connect to something larger than herself. 

Bjorn’s work is a partnership between emotive mark making and responding to the surface of the painting. Each piece begins with an emotional tone in mind, inspired by the energy within moments of clarity and moments of calming peace… in the midst of chaos.

Bjorn has a fascination with mark making.  Using the painting’s surface as a metaphor of conversation, she layers the paint until a statement that captures her intention and intuitive voice has been created.